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THE NOVEL: Deep Blue



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Deep Blue

A novel of racial conflict

Read the novel that perfectly mirrors every ethnic skirmish in the world today!

Deep Blue

by John Bramhall
  • How do you cope when your very soul is destroyed by cultural parasitism?
  • Where do you turn when your own government, your own society turns against you in order to hand your life over to ‘immigrants’?
  • What happens when one ethnic group finds their entire way of life usurped by ‘newcomers’?
  • How do you survive after the government decides that you and your kind will be phased out?

Experience -----

Deep Blue: A novel of racial conflict

by John Bramhall

A sociological science-fiction novel that reads like today’s top international news headlines!
As you experience the adventure, you will also absorb the profound underlying message for America and for the world.

If you read but one book this year, make it Deep Blue, a novel that could change your life!


Thanks for visiting this website. I'm John Bramhall, the author of Deep Blue. This is my first published novel (I have others in various stages of completion and not yet published) and I do hope you'll check out the information about it here. And, naturally, I hope as well that you'll get the book, either by purchasing it directly from the publisher or from other sources such as your local bookstore or online bookstores. If you prefer not to purchase you can still help me and still read the book by requesting that your local library acquire it. Most library acquisition committees are happy to receive your suggestions for purchases.

I've also published plays, stories, poems, and various articles. May I show you some of my work? You'll see references to some of them in the red area to the left of this screen.

I'm now living in San Francisco and am available for assignments. Contact me at

Thanks so much.

John Bramhall

National Vanguard says "All who are concerned about immigration and population control should read this most prescient novel."

Read the National Vanguard review.

"Deep Blue" is a sociological work of science-fiction that explores the dimensions of a racial conflict on another planet.

The Zulians - an intelligent, kind-hearted and hospitable race of beings - discover the Vertians - a pitiful, starving, backward group of savages. Assimilating the Vertians into Zulian society, however, proves to be a grave error.

For the Vertians actually assimilate very swiftly and all too well. They rise with alacrity in various areas of Zulian society, acquiring great wealth and the consequent power that wealth brings - though their violent and backward ways remain with them as well.

In the name of "Egalitarianism" the Vertians manage - both through their own elected representatives and their Zulian political stooges - to subvert the permissive system of democracy that the Zulians have built up, instead passing laws that give special rights to the Vertians and take away age-old rights of the native Zulian population.

The novel overall deals with the theme of "social-cultural parasitism" and how far it may be allowed to progress until the host people are forced to resist or perish.

Though the characters in this novel are not meant to resemble any branch of humanity, the problems illustrated mirror the numerous examples through history and currently around the world of what happens when one group encroaches upon the territory - geographic, social and cultural - of another.